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Upcoming Virtual Production Workshop, Grand Opening, and Carney Fest Events

Training Video Production Teams and Solo Creators How to Get Into Virtual Production

On Saturday April 15th, 2023, Grassfire is hosting its first educational workshop covering our in-house virtual production pipeline. Immediately following the workshop, Grassfire will open its doors to the public for an open house inviting people from the Tulsa community to come tour our new studio and learn more about our video production services. Attendees who RSVP for our workshop or open house events will gain free admission to Studio Row’s Carney Fest hosted by The Church Studio!

Celebrating Our Grand Opening

We started our production company quietly at the beginning of 2020; however, due to events beyond our control (that little 2020 pandemic I’m sure you all read about), we never had a grand opening event. So, this year we’re celebrating! On April 15th, 2023, we’ll be hosting our grand opening with an open house event from 12 pm – 2 pm at our studio at 4th and Trenton Ave. on Studio Row in Tulsa!

Come tour our studio space featuring three unique studios perfect for producing your next video project,  live event, or podcast. We have some amazing features including both green and white cyc walls in our virtual production studio, a beautiful, vintage 100 year old red brick wall in our podcast studio, and a dedicated audio recording studio and control room. Attendance is open to the public, but everyone is required to RSVP in order to attend. If you RSVP please limit your requests to yourself and a +1. To RSVP, click here!

Our Premier Virtual Production Workshop

Over the course of last year, we’ve invested heavily into the burgeoning field of virtual production. We believe this will be a valuable resource for our clients as they seek to take advantage of a plethora of new immersive technologies in the extended reality (XR) space. Part of our ongoing mission is to empower our clients’ creativity by providing access to cutting edge creative tools and the necessary support to leverage those tools for their businesses. In an effort to showcase our newest toolset, we’re hosting our first ever educational workshop at the studio covering virtual production.

The workshop will span two hours and will be geared towards providing local production companies or creative professionals with education on how to leverage virtual production (VP) for their clients. During the workshop, we’ll introduce the topic of virtual production, the primary benefits of VP, provide a working demonstration of a VP in our studio, a brief overview of our VP pipeline, and what we offer with our VP services. We only have 20 seats available for this workshop. So, if you’d like to go ahead and reserve your place at the workshop then click here to RSVP!

Carney Fest on Studio Row

The Church Studio is hosting Carney Fest on Studio Row the same day as our open house and virtual production workshop. If you’re stopping by and would also like to attend the Carney Fest event, RSVP ahead of time with us and you will receive complimentary access to Carney Fest! This special offer is only available for those who RSVP in advance for the VP workshop or RSVP for the open house, so if you’re interested in attending then please follow the links and reserve your spots ASAP.

Brandon Hix

Brandon Hix

Partner / Head of Animation

Brandon oversees the animation department and has more than a decade of experience as a 3d generalist and animator extraordinaire. His credits include multiple blockbuster IPs such as G.I. Joe, My Little Pony and Transformers. At Grassfire, his passion for education is utilized in developing educational content for the blog as well as professional training for creatives.


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