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This team took a vision and idea of a virtual platform and made it a dream come true. They created a virtual world and made it look like reality. This “world” was one in which our providers looked like they were standing in front of us with our agencies logo and background behind them.

This is a new and exciting filmmaking technology that we got to experience firsthand!!  The cameras recorded in a virtual environment while being in whatever location of our choice!!!

The grassfire talent and professionalism is off the chart!!! We are so thankful to be the first ones to try this amazing technology!!! We’ll never go back 🙂

During the pandemic, Ascension St. John was facing the same problem many business were: how do we continue to operate in this ‘new normal’? Specifically, they came to us to address their need to continue producing multiple symposiums so that healthcare professionals could earn continuing education credits.

Without being able to hold these symposiums in person, we flipped them to virtual productions that were live-streamed to viewers across the country. Now we’re three years in, and Ascension has fully embraced the live-streaming model!

This is another video we produced promoting Ascension St. John’s trauma symposiums.

Lighting the way.